History of Oasis

Since its inception in 2002, Oasis International Worship Center has been a haven for transformative biblical teaching, leadership development, healing, and deliverance.

Apostle Maureen Miller received the vision for Oasis while conducting a weekly Bible study in her home. The teaching captivated the attention of the churched and unchurched. News of this transformative Bible study began to spread and the Bible study continued to grow.

As time progressed, the Lord commissioned Apostle Maureen to plant a local church. On October 27, 2002, Oasis International Worship Center, formerly God’s Oasis of Love Ministries Inc., held its first service in the home of Apostle Maureen.

What began as a Bible Study mushroomed into a vibrant place of worship and discipleship. By January 2003, services moved to the Holiday Inn hotel in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

After a year in that location, we felt a strong urge to move forward. We needed more space. In June 2004, the hand of the Lord moved, and Oasis International Worship Center purchased 5.2 acres of land at our current location.

It has been 12 years since we purchased this property. We have been good stewards over our gift and have been very creative in utilizing the limited space as a multipurpose facility. Now we are sensing the same urge we had while in the hotel: It is time to move forward to the next: Acquiring a facility that can facilitate the growth of the ministry and the evolution of the vision.

Over the years, the vision of the ministry has become very clear: Oasis International Worship Center has a mandate to bring transformation through education. Oasis exists to disciple, train, and send forth those who will be agents of change in the church, community, and marketplace.

“Transforming Lives. Changing our World.”

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